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RaceMan Podcast with @lmnoanyi, Anyi Malik!
- Saturday Jul 26 - 11:29pm

There's 3 "Expendables" movies with every macho dude from the last 30 years and Carl Weathers never made the cut, but Dolph Lundgren did?
- Monday Jul 21 - 7:20pm

The power is out in my building. This is a handwritten post, written by candlelight.
- Monday Jul 21 - 3:36pm

You know what, sometimes we're all "hacks". Making that "sometimes" into fewer times is the purpose of open mics. #playniceatmics
- Saturday Jul 19 - 1:49am

If you try to be my buddy by calling me "not black", you may suddenly have the misfortune of meeting the blackest dude from Brooklyn.
- Saturday Jul 19 - 1:36am