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Why is this a topic in @amazon gold box shopping forum? Merry Christmas, post-racial America!
- Friday Dec 12 - 2:24am

RaceMan Podcast with @FreddySheffield! NYPD, Exodus,and Diddy vs. Drake!
- Tuesday Dec 9 - 12:46am

Eric Holder just broke into to TV to say "Pause, I got this." DOJ to open civil rights in Eric Garner case.
- Thursday Dec 4 - 12:42am

It's a special day in post-racial America when black men know no matter what police state they are murdered in, the state won't give a shit.
- Wednesday Dec 3 - 9:19pm

NYPD: Nightsticks Yield Police Deaths. #EricGarner
- Wednesday Dec 3 - 9:17pm