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28 Jun
TONY GWYNN (1960-2014)

He was a tower of a man. In his hands, a baseball bat looked something like a twig. There was rarely an at bat that wasn’t textbook. He was a real life superhero, and for me, even more so, because he was a baseball player and he was black. Tony Gwynn. I was never really

23 Mar

Last week President Barack Obama revealed his pick for the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament. As you can see, he’s very assured in his choice, and he should be, he’s the President. He’s also a known basketball fan and his sharing of his Final Four picks has been a tradition of his presidency. As fun

01 Feb

During his trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman’s defense was that he was overpowered by the seventeen-year-old Martin. In defense of his life, Zimmerman had to shoot Martin. The rest is dark, shameful Florida and American history. Yet, this same man… The one who could not handle a skinny kid, the one

01 Feb

What are all of those fans at college football and basketball games cheering for? Are they cheering for the school? The players? That the players work more than forty-hour weeks and still have to go to classes, practices, and workouts? Are they cheering the five billion dollar industry of College Athletics, of which the players,

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