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09 Sep

John Felton, of Michigan, was driving through Dayton, Ohio on a night in August, when he was pulled over by a police officer. John Felton is a black man and the police officer, Randy Betsinger, is a white man. No, no one died, if that’s what you’re thinking. Good guess, though. No, the reason why

13 Aug

This is how we live here. This is America. Every few years, like a volcano building up its purchase, we blow. The molten intensity of racism, injustice, authority, and humanity collide and in an instant we are reminded that for everything that has changed, absolutely nothing has changed. This time it’s not in the South.

24 Jun

MUSIC – An up-tempo 1980s synthesizer. Donald Trump VO: I’m Judge Trump. Some people don’t deserve to live in this beautiful city. Some people are animals… and you know which ones I’m talkin’ about… Judge Donald Trump pimpwalks down the street toward a NYC Court Building. As he enters, he gives hi-fives to the security

16 Feb

I don’t understand what “post-racial” means. Yes, I can look up the definition, but that still will never reconcile for me the compound “post” and “racial”. Shouldn’t it be “post-racism” since that’s essentially what it means? What does “after” and “racial” mean? What ever post-racial is supposed to mean, I know for sure that we

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