“Where has your blog been?”
Is a question that no one has ever asked me.
“Why do you tell people to go to your website to see old-ass news? Why don’t you update that shit?!?” is a question I’ve heard slightly more often. It’s been more than seven months since the RaceMan blog has been amended. Sorry.

As it happens with many of us, life caught up with me. I tried to convince myself that the very awesome RaceMan podcast (available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spreaker, and a click away on this very site!) could do all of the work of dispensing my comedic and social justice sensibilities, but that show is only one day a week (if that) and race stuff happens everyday. Unfortunately, dammit, every-fucking-day.

In the last few months, I’ve been busy by the before-mentioned podcast, my acting career. Did you see me on the pilot of ABC’s The Whispers? No, neither did my mother. Perhaps you’ve recently seen me as the official spokesperson for U.S. Cellular?

No? Um… Ok…, well, I’ve also been working on stand-up and prepping an album, searching for financing for my next feature, and moving my family cross-country. In short, I got lazy and the blog slipped through the cracks.

Which brings us to the present, where very few of you — about 5 people (three of them relatives), have asked me to get back to being funny on the Internet. So I’m gonna start blogging now. If we’re cool with the apologies and what not.

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