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28 Jun
TONY GWYNN (1960-2014)

He was a tower of a man. In his hands, a baseball bat looked something like a twig. There was rarely an at bat that wasn’t textbook. He was a real life superhero, and for me, even more so, because he was a baseball player and he was black. Tony Gwynn. I was never really

28 Jun

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Well… That was awkward. This is always where it ends up. No matter how well they know you, or how much you’re a part of the team, at some point it always comes to the hair. Did no one ever think about Ms.

24 Jun

Look at this dude. Really look at him. If you had to imagine the face of a man who would kill his neighbor with a sword because he coveted his neighbor’s wife, this would be the face. This man looks like a sword-killer. And while we’re on the subject: Decorative weapons? What the hell? If

24 Jun

MUSIC – An up-tempo 1980s synthesizer. Donald Trump VO: I’m Judge Trump. Some people don’t deserve to live in this beautiful city. Some people are animals… and you know which ones I’m talkin’ about… Judge Donald Trump pimpwalks down the street toward a NYC Court Building. As he enters, he gives hi-fives to the security

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