Look at this dude. Really look at him. If you had to imagine the face of a man who would kill his neighbor with a sword because he coveted his neighbor’s wife, this would be the face. This man looks like a sword-killer.

And while we’re on the subject: Decorative weapons? What the hell? If you live in a fantasy castle – perhaps you’re Prince Humperdink – decorative weapons totally make sense. Throw up a sword or mace. Put up a couple of spears to bring the place to life. If you life in a small house in Wisconsin, you’re only keeping weapons on the wall so you can get to them easily if you want to kill someone in your living room.

I’m not a big supporter of gun rights, but at least gun owners who mount their firearms decoratively have actually fired a weapon. When was the last time you saw anyone duel with a sword outside the Olympics? Had this man previously challenged men for their women at the end of a blade like the Scarlet Pimpernel or Bernardo from West Side Story?

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