During his trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman’s defense was that he was overpowered by the seventeen-year-old Martin. In defense of his life, Zimmerman had to shoot Martin. The rest is dark, shameful Florida and American history.

Yet, this same man… The one who could not handle a skinny kid, the one whose head was allegedly smashed against pavement, by the same kid. The man – who by his own admission – only “won” his confrontation with Martin after drawing a gun and firing… This man wants to box?!? As a… ahem… celebrity?!? Okay. I’m done.

No, I’m not done! Zimmerman boxing as a “celebrity”, literally means an end to that word. What the hell are we celebrating? Is it the murder of an innocent child? If that tragedy was a person would you want its autograph?

My hope is that perhaps this “celebrity” boxing match is Zimmerman’s way of trying to make amends and be our friend. He’s gotta know how much we hate him, right? He’s gotta know that only people who watch Sean Hannity actually feel vindicated by his acquittal. He’s gotta know that the rest of us would never watch a boxing match featuring George Zimmerman – even for charity – unless he was guaranteed to get beaten to Ray Leonard/Roberto Duran proportions. The good thing about celebrity boxing matches is that in addition to being carded with has-beens, D-listers, and notorious persons, they also often feature… well, actual retired boxers. Sometimes, they even get paired with the “celebrities” for a fight! There are plenty of charismatic retired boxers, who would be perfect for a bout with George Zimmerman. After all, according to the fight promoter, Damon Feldman, Zimmerman is open to “boxing any person”. Ladies and Gentlemen, there are only three words:


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